Have You Seen These Ice Sculptures On The Streets Of Dublin?

One bust says 'Enda Kenny'

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We noticed these ice sculptures sitting outside of Buswells Hotel this morning on our way into work.

And, naturally, we were intrigued. 

One bust says 'Enda Kenny' on it and the other says 'Denis Naughten'. 

The busts were originally sitting outside The Dáil first thing this morning...

Before being moved to outside of Buswells. 

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Img 1241

As it turns out, there's a 'Stop Climate Chaos' discussion being held in Buswells today until 7pm with over 250 TDs, constituents and climate activists in attendance. 

TDs are being asked to "take climate action" on various issues such as:

  • Introduce a fair payment for solar electricity
  • Divest taxpayers' money from fossil fuels 
  • Invest in cycling and clean public transport 

"The focus of the day is the challenges and opportunities for Ireland in the rapid and just transition to a carbon free future that is now imperative."

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