Have You Tried This Funky New Pizzeria In George's Street Arcade?

Gather the troops and check it out ASAP

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While strolling through George's Street Arcade one day I noticed what was once an empty space had transformed into a simple looking yet modern pizzeria. 

And my heart did a little jump. 

Pizza gets better and better in Dublin every time a new joint opens up. And Dave's is no exception. 

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The guys at Dave's Pizza have been on the move for the last eight years – selling their sourdough base pizzas out of a food truck at markets across Dublin and Ireland. 

So they're delighted now to have a place they can call home. Permanently. 

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Dave himself is a full qualified chef and has worked in Michelin star restaurants around the world gaining experience that make his pizzas as good as they are. 

Eight years ago Dave was one of the very first to make pizzas using a sourdough base and flash baked in a wood-fired oven.

Dave's philosophy when it comes to food is simple – do one thing and do it well. 

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The menu is simple.

With six permanent options and one seasonal special that they switch up weekly. 

And they taste just as good as they look. 

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Check it out before the masses descend. 

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