Here Are The 6 Things We Know About Dublin's Newest Bar

Meet the new kid on the block.

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We've been eyeing up this spot on George's Street for the past while wondering what was going on inside.

And now we've got the deets!

Meet The Chelsea Drug Store, a bar which is currently under construction on South Great George's Street where the Oriental Emporium used to be.

Here's what we know so far...


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1. It won't actually be a store where you can buy drugs

Talk about false advertising!

Sorry to disappoint, guys, but it will actually be a "new Bohemian styled Georges St bar. A decadent basement dive bar with an essence of illegality hence it's charm."

2. The Chelsea Drug Store is a close relation of the Market Bar


The Market Bar uploaded these 'work in progress' pictures recently.

Just look at those light fixtures!

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Photo credit: The Market Bar Facebook page.

3. They're planning to open in early October

If we're to believe what it says on The Chelsea Drug Store's website...


4. People are both excited and very curious about it

5. It will look a little something like this:

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Photo credit: The Market Bar Facebook page.

6. We're kinda confused as to what the vibe will actually be

Georges Street has long been the bohemian quarter of Dublin, this new ground floor bar The Chelsea Drug Store will embrace this by being fashionable without being a slave to it, arty without being pretentious and classical without being dated.

The Market Bar Facebook page

Not pretentious?


Joking aside, we're looking forward to having a snoop around the place when they open later this month!

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