Here Are The 3 Best Places To Watch Mayweather Pacquiao Tonight In Dublin

It is the fight of the century and although it starts at 4am you'll be able to watch it in these three Dublin sports venues

It's the sort of fight that only comes along once every decade, or if you believe the promoters hype - once every century. Boxing hasn't had a big fight like this for years, so when Mayweather and Pacquiao square up tonight it will be the richest fight in the history of the sport by some distance.

The only problem for us Irish boxing fans is that the fight will start at 4am, or possibly closer to 5am depending on how the undercard goes. While most will sit up and watch it at home. there are 3 venues we've found who are showing the fight in Dublin. You'll have to be in early to make sure you get a good spot, and to ensure you'll be allowed stay but they are three great venues. Enjoy!


They'll be showing it on their giant screens but just have to make sure you get there before 2am.

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The Living Room

Probably the best sports bar in Dublin so make sure you get in here before 1am, and you'll hopefully get a seat for the long wait before the action starts.


Harry's On The Green

You'll want to be in before 12am which means a 4 hour wait until the fight kicks off but it should be worth it!


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