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20th Dec 2016

Here’s A Blast Of Warmth You Can Pick Up In The Park – In Rain, Hail Or Shine

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What am I drinking?

Vive le Thé!, a green tea with citrus and ginger

Where am I drinking it?

The newly opened Café in the Park. The park in question is St Patrick’s Park, where a new tea house/café was promised some months ago and has now finally arrived, as a new incarnation of Busyfeet & Coco Cafe.

A tiny place installed in the back of the park, the new café is take-away only, with just a few seats inside but benches outside where you can look over both park and cathedral. Perfect on a sunny day, handy in a hurry on a rainy one.

Tea park1

What does it taste like?

Delicious. It’s a strong and flavoursome green tea, but the very subtle citrus and ginger bring a sweetness and a slight spiciness. The added flavours are really well balanced: the tea itself dominates with just a hint of the orange and spice.

What does it look like?

The café is a take-away only spot, so there’s not much to comment on with their presentation. The cafe serve loose-leaf teas, but bag each serving specially on order – everyone working there seems to really know their teas too, and were able to talk through all the options and make good recommendations.

Where does it come from?

This is a blend, with no indication of a specific origin, but I would guess it’s a Chinese green (just a guess though). It’s supplied by Palais des Thé, one of the absolute finest tea shops in existence.

Tea park2

What effect does it have?

This tea is well named – it’s warming and energising, perfectly matching the sunny day. With its spicy undertones it would make a great winter tea, bringing a blast of sunshine into cold days. It has a strong hit of caffeine, but released fairly slowly, leaving you wondering an hour later where all your sudden energy came from…

Where can I get it?

For a cup, drop into the Cafe in the Park, but for a bag at a very reasonable price, call into Palais des Thé or try their online shop. They also can sell the individual tea filters, and a range of types of storage and serving options.

Tea park4

Is it worth the try?

At just €2.30 for a really good tea, even if just take-away, yes.

If you like this, also try…

If you’re looking for warming and energising, try Thé Des Amants Verts, a green tea blend with spices and fruit, but with apple, cinnamon and almond.