Here’s Everything We Know About Ireland's First Free Rapid HIV Testing So Far

The KnowNow campaign was launched yesterday.

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As you've probably heard over the past few weeks,the KnowNow campaign is a new programme that plans to provide HIV testing outside of traditional medical venues.

Here's what we know about this brilliant new service so far...

KnowNow is specifically directed at gay and bisexual men

As research has found that they are the most likely to acquire HIV.

The initiative is a collaboration between Dublin-based GLEN, the Sexual Health Centre Cork and GOSHH Limerick.

There will be test centres operated by volunteers in those three cities.

Pantibar has been confirmed as Dublin’s test venue

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The test only requires a pinprick of blood from your finger

No need for gallons of blood here - a tiny one-use needle takes the sample. The needle then retracts and is dumped instantly. 

The test takes about 30 seconds to give its result

And the whole thing takes less than 15 minutes in total.

Details of venues and times of testing will be available on the KnowNow Facebook page

So give the KnowNow Facebook page a like to stay up to date. 

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