Here's How You Can Get A Healthy Lunch For €2 Every Day This Week

And those two euros will go straight to charity.

Feed 4

A few months ago we were banging on about FEED, a new salad delivery service which offers healthy and socially conscious lunchtime options.

Well this week FEED is offering lunch delivered for just €2 with all proceeds  going straight to their charity partner Mary’s Meals. 

Mary’s Meals was started in Malawi, where they began feeding 200 children in one Malawian primary school. Today, the Mary’s Meals feeding projects reach over 1 million children with a daily meal in school in 12 countries, across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

So, want a cheap healthy lunch and some good karma? Order some FEED lunches this week.

You can order via the official eatFEED iPhone app or before 11am to have a different lunch box delivered every day.

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