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21st Sep 2020

Here’s where you can get €2 coffee in Dublin today 

Sarah Finnan

€2 coffee

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. It’s Monday morning and we can tell it’s gonna be a good week… not the original Bob Marley lyrics I know, but I felt like a bit of improv on this fine September morn.

Here to help start your day off on the best possible foot, Ground State Coffee will be serving up €2 coffees all day. Celebrating their second year in business, they’re making the most of a fairly crummy situation and though it’s probably not the birthday shindig they envisioned, a party is still a party in our eyes.

‘Peeps! It’s our 2nd birthday tomorrow! I know, we can’t believe it either! To celebrate, all (reg) coffees will be €2. Come down and celebrate with us! Socially distant high fives galore!’

Obviously, they do more than just coffee and would highly recommend grabbing one of their chocolate chip and peanut vegan cookies to bring with you. They also do a whopper all-day breakfast which is right up my alley. Breakfast foods are the superior foods so why limit them to only one time of day? Live outside the lines, my friends.

€2 coffee + brekkie to go = a winning Monday combination.

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