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06th Aug 2019

You Can Now Hike With Alpacas In Dublin

Alan Fisher

Not so long ago, everybody started losing their minds when they found out you can go on hikes with alpacas.

Everybody jumped onto the alpaca bandwagon just as quickly as they did with sloths.

It started when K2 Alpacas launched their hikes in Newtown Mount Kennedy in Co. Wicklow.

Now, we don’t have to travel as far because we can do it just outside north Dublin.

Cornstown House has just started their tours and we can’t wait to check it out.

If you’re in any way unsure, take a look at this alpaca rocking a topknot:

How could you not want to spend a day with these guys.

Tickets will cost you thirty quid which includes the hike, a tour of the farm and a little treat.

They also have some newly born cria (baby alpacas).

And I’ll just leave this here.