'I Was Already Entrenched In Coffee; This Was More Like A Natural Progression Than A Lightning Bolt Of Inspiration'

Badger and Dodo will be one of the many exhibitors at this weekend's Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival

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“In 2008, three things came together” for Australian Brock (Badger) Lewin: “marrying an Irish gal, moving from the Melbourne scene to Ireland, and arriving pretty much the same time as Stephen Morrissey won the World Barista Championships”.

Badger and Dodo are a coffee company that epitomise the traits of Ireland’s burgeoning coffee industry: a community-connected boutique company that focuses on quality and individuality over mass production, and involves itself in every element of coffee brewing from beginning to end.

As well as roasting their own direct-from-estate coffees and supplying it to cafés across the country, they have highly-trained baristas who serve their coffee from their own place in Galway, where they also run private barista training.

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They also sell from carts in farmer’s markets in Cork and run an online shop. In addition to that, they specialise in advising on coffee machines, and help cafés source equipment to lease or buy.

This focus on high training on top of high quality is what makes Badger and Dodo unique, according to Lewin. For example, “Elia who works with me to source, roast, cup and fine tune our coffees has just qualified as Q grader [the highest. Elia is the second in Ireland ever to do so, and the only one working for a micro roaster in Ireland.”

Their roaster, called Dr O, is also one-of-a-kind in Ireland, and makes for sweet and clean coffees.

This weekend at the Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival, Badger and Dodo will be launching their new JAMJAR blend, as well as showing off their signature customised machines.

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Aidan Coughlan