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20th Dec 2016

Free BBQs, Free Pints And Other Special Deals For The Ireland V. Romania Match Today


The rugby world cup is in full swing, and the boys in green are back in action today with a game against Romania at Wembley.

After all the excitement in the game between England and Wales last night, there might be a few sore heads around today, but the good news is that some pubs, restaurants and venues around Dublin have some incredible deals to entice you in.

We’ve put together some of the best places in Dublin to watch the match today…

1. Free BBQ in Blackbird Rathmines

You’ll need some good food to wash those pints down and it’s all free on the BBQ here.

2. Free pint every time Ireland score a try in Fade Street Social

Sounds nuts, but they’ve teamed up with Clonmel beer to get free beers. High score expected, so lots of pints to be had!

3. VIP table for €50 in Slattery’s D4

You could say it’s the home of watching rugby in Ireland. You’ll get €100 worth of drink, couple of pizzas, and a table reserved for you at the very front. Some deal!


4. Spencer Hotel have an amazing burger and a pint for €14

Watch the match in some serious style in this hotel, where they’ll give you one of their bad-ass burgers and a pint for a steal at €14.

5. Feeling hungover or lazy? Four Star have some amazing deals

Don’t move an inch and get some friends over because these deals look off the charts. You can order from here.


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