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15th Mar 2018

Mother Describes Serious Injuries Sustained To Daughter Due To “Overcrowded” Dublin Bus

Darragh Berry

One Dublin mother decided to go on 98FM’s Dublin Talks to discuss the issue of “overcrowding on Dublin Bus”, especially on the northside of the city in areas like Finglas and Ballymun. 

She told host Adrian Kennedy that often in rush hour times, there is up to “60 people waiting at the bus stop” in her area.

“If there’s a fire, you’re not getting off and if there’s an accident, you’re dead”, the mother told the chat show on Thursday morning. 

She then went on to tell a story about an incident that happened during the week involving her daughter.

The girl in question sustained what the mother described as “serious injuries” while standing on what she said was an “overcrowded” bus. 

She said that the bus was “beyond full capacity” and that she and her daughter stood up at the top of the bus because there was no room to get through the crowd. 

The mother said that the driver in question let far too many people and when she thought no more could fit on, four more people at a stop hopped on the bus too.

One of these people who got on had a “massive bag and while they were moving, turned and elbowed my daughter in her nose”. As the four people tried to squash on, the person behind her daughter was pushed in her direction and ended up hitting her in the stomach and winding the girl. 

The mother pleaded with the bus driver to let her off but when she asked her to stop the bus, the driver allegedly replied, “What can I do? I have a job to do”.

You can find the full interview with the Finglas mother here

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