Got Mad Coffee Throwing Skills? Then The Irish National Coffee Throwing Championship Is Definitely For You

Win the title you never knew you wanted


If you think you've got what it takes to win the very first Irish National Coffee Throwing Championship, you could have your chance this Sunday, July 19 at 5pm in the Bernard Shaw.

The rules for the championship are pretty simple, whoever manages to throw a 1kg bag of roasted coffee the furthest distance (without the bag bursting or any bean spillage) wins. The website contains the full set of rules.

Contestants in three different weight classes will be charged with throwing their coffee as far as possible with a winner declared in each category.

The greatest coffee professionals on the planet are those who can taste a coffee, love that coffee, but still stop to think how far that coffee can go. It is with that very sentiment in mind that we have created the very first Irish Coffee Throwing Championships.

Irish National Coffee Throwing Championship webpage

That's a relief, we thought it was just an excuse to go full hipster. In fairness, all proceeds from competitor registration will be donated to Grounds for Health, a charity that works to provide medical care to women in coffee growing areas, so it is a worthy cause.

If you want to be an Irish National Coffee Throwing Champion, sign up here.

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