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09th Mar 2018

Irish Water Confirm That Dublin Will Have Water Restrictions For “Foreseeable Future”

Darragh Berry

Not what us in the capital want to hear at all. 

Irish Water has come out on Friday and said that water restrictions will remain in the Dublin area “for the foreseeable future” leaving us kind of in the dark about when it will be back to normal. 

Speaking on Morning Ireland on Friday, Eamon Gallen, general manager of Irish Water said restriction will be re-introduced and remain in place for “some time to come” before adding that some areas might be restricted until April or May.

Supply is not meeting demand at the moment and the reservoirs which serve around 1.2 million people are about 70 million litres lowers than they need to be.

Their main concern for the moment is making sure that full service has been restored in places like Croke Park, The Three Arena and The Aviva Stadium which are all hosting major event this weekend. 

Furthermore, a full service is also expected in Dublin next weekend for St Patrick’s Day festivities.

You can hear the full interview on Morning Ireland here

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