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It’s Time To Count Our Lucky Stars That Dublin Airport Is On Our Doorstep

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I’ve spent much of the last 10 years travelling. I’ve been to 120 cities in over 50 countries – so a lot of airplanes were used. 

I think we can all agree that travel, no matter how much pleasure it brings or how essential it might be, is one of the most painful experiences in life. Granted there are some who enjoy kicking back on the plane itself, but navigating the airports of this world is about as enjoyable as a kick in the groin.

The security, the people who have no idea how to queue, the rotten overpriced food, the hanging around

Unfortunately, due to the fact that big flying tubes of metal can actually be fairly dangerous, airports are destined to be like this for as long as we all live. 

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As with everything, there are scales of unpleasantness. Some of the worst airports I’ve been in are in my favourite cities (Berlin and Manchester spring to mind). 

In Dublin though, we’re exceptionally lucky in that we have one of the very best airports in the world. It’s so enjoyable to travel through that I’d nearly check in and get some food there even if I wasn’t flying anywhere. 

Despite being called a huge white elephant (mainly by Michael O’Leary) at the time of launch, Terminal 2 has blossomed into everything that a good airport should be. Terminal 1 lags behind, but only because it’s so old and there are major efforts afoot there to improve it. 

Again, given that it’s full of Ryanair planes who are their biggest critics, I can’t imagine the lads are rushing too fast. 

There are a number of things that make Dublin airport a joy and they include…

  • Quick parking: Both short and long term have you at the check in within minutes
  • The fastest security going: A couple of minutes is all it takes at the worst of times
  • Good coffee: Butlers do a mean coffee and throw in a free chocolate. Most airport coffee is muck
  • Good proper food: Reviewed it in the past. Wholesome and cooked in front of you
  • Quick passport scanning: They barely look at you if you have an Irish passport
  • Free wifi: if you’ve used it, you’ll know how decent it is 

There are tonnes of other examples, but once you’ve those main things ticked off you can live with any other issues that arrive.

I’d imagine people will go mad reading this post, presuming it’s some sort of ad for Dublin Airport or listing their own horrendous experiences there. 

Annoying things do happen in all airports, but ask anybody who travels a lot and they’ll tell you just how good Dublin is.

Love to hear your experiences and any other suggestions as to the world’s best and most painless airports. For me, it’s got to be Dublin and Schiphol.

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