Jaipur Georges Street To Close Due To Sale Of Building


One of Dublin's favourite Indian restaurants, Jaipur on George's Street, will close on 20th January 2015 due to the sale of the building. The restaurant first opened in 1999 and set the bar high for modern ethnic dining in Dublin. Jaipur Georges Street is one of many restaurants in Asheesh Dewan's Jaipur Group, which now include five other restaurants around the city.

Thankfully as every restaurant in the Jaipur Group is so busy, the staff don't have to worry about being let go; they'll all be kept on within the other restaurants. While many die hard fans will be devastated, there is good news. Asheesh is now actively seeking new restaurant locations in Dublin city to further expand their business. So the big question is... Where in the city centre are they going to relocate to?


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Emma Kenneally

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