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22nd Jun 2018

VIDEO: New Life Style Sports Ad Is Extremely Dublin And Kind Of Strange

Darragh Berry

Life Style Sports have just released what they are calling their fashion range for summer 2018.

They say that: “There’s no summer like an Irish Summer! Whether you’re at the beach, chilling with your mates or on the way to a music festival, we’ve got your look covered.”

Their ad for the new range is seriously dub-like and with thick Dublin accents, two boys go on to describe how their summer ’18 is going to go down.

The two lads in the video are of course, the very talented Versatile who are made up of: Casper Walsh and Eskimo Supreme

“Burned backs, spanky white runners keep those socks on though, don’t want those hairy ankles out.

“Always thank the bus driver, if you don’t thank the bus driver you’re a muppet. Paying child’s fare on the bus even though you’re 40.

“Skulling cans along the canal. Sunburnt one day, pissing rain the next. Squad cars everywhere. Summer ’18, Keep the head low and the pocket fat.”

Have a look at it yourself and let us know what you think.

You can find more information on their website here.

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