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21st Mar 2018

Seven Luas Trams Will Be Transferred From Red Line To Green Line Says Minister For Transport

Darragh Berry

The days of feeling squashed like a fly on the Luas Green line are long gone…

…hopefully, that’s if this latest change is as successful as Shane Ross thinks it will be. 

98fm is reporting that the Transport Minister has taken the decision to transfer seven Luas trams from the Red line to the Green line.

This switch is being completed in the hope of coping with the massive demand that the Green line currently has. 

Overcrowding and delays are the main priority that officials are currently tackling and with the new, longer trams out of action until May, a quick improvement in congestion was needed. 

The number of passengers on the Luas Green Line has increased by over 28% since the launch of the Cross City and because of this, peak-time trams experience severe overcrowding. 

Until the longer trams come back into action, Ross confirmed that “seven trams have now been transferred from the Red Line to the Green Line to provide additional capacity”.

As well as this, extra maintenance crews have also switched sides to help assist with the addition of trams. 

Will this switch solve the problem on the Green line or will it just create a new problem on the Red Line? Let us know in the comments.

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