Dublin Pub Giving Away Free Drink Every Time A Goal Is Scored In The World Cup

There was 171 goals in the last World Cup, that's a lot of free drink people.

Mc Gowans Free Drink Wc

If you're a football fanatic, we don't need to tell you what's about to start. You've already placed your predictions and have the pieces of papers, which display the team you got in the sweepstake, firmly placed in the bedside locker.

If you're not a football fan and the thoughts of having to sit through the whole World Cup schedule (here's a full list of fixtures that will be shown on RTÉ, there's a lot of games) is making you physically ill, this news might make you feel a little bit better.

This pub in Dublin is giving away free drink for every goal that is scored at the World Cup and honestly, we're going staying here for the whole tournament.

The concept is simple and all you have to do is get to McGowans of Phibsboro before the kick-off, get your stamp and pray that it's not a boring nil-all draw.

Mc Gowans World Cup Portrait 18 Final

Everytime the favourite team scores, girls get a free drink but everytime the underdog scores, all the boys get a free drink.

So, take the opening game of the round for example: Hosts Russia are taking on Saudi Arabia in the first game of Group A at 4pm.

Russia will be favourites for this game and Saudi Arabia would be the underdogs. Free drinks for the girls any time Russia score and free booze for the lads any time Saudi Arabia hit the back of the net.


There was 171 goals in the last World Cup and every team that featured scored at least one goal. That's a lot of free drinks, people.

And if you think, 'us lads are going to get no free drink' because you are relying on the underdogs, you'd be wrong. These competitions were made for surprise shocks and in 2014, the likes of Nigeria and Algeria reached the knockout stages.

For those football lovers, free drink and football is the ultimate combo. And for those of you who just can't stand the beautiful game, you're still getting free drink, what's not to like?

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