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29th Mar 2017

14 Most Heart-Stopping Moments Every Dubliner Has Experienced


There are certain Dublin-specific experiences that can momentarily make your heart stop beating.

The reasons for this peculiar and worrying effect are varied: shock, awkwardness, or straight up horror.

Have you had the misfortune of experiencing any of these moments?

1. When there are no Dublin Bikes left at the station

Which comes with the sudden realisation that you’re definitely gonna be late to work.


2. Getting caught in the middle of a seagull feeding frenzy

You haven’t known terror until these beady-eyed demons descend on you while you’re trying to eat lunch in Stephen’s Green.

Scary Seagulls

3. Looking at your receipt in Temple Bar

Surely this is some kind of terribly unfunny prank? Good one, guys!

Temple Bar Receipt

4. When Viking Splash roar at you

Every fucking time!

Stiffled Scream

5. When you inevitably bump into an ex

The joys of living in what is essentially just a fairly big town.

Awkward Meeting

6. When you get cornered by a pack of chuggers

“Oh terrific, now I have to feel bad about not wanting to give money to charity”.

Left Alone

7. When you try to use the bathroom in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and the attendant is actually waiting outside

Now you’ve actually gotta pay that 20c for entry… like a grade-A sucker.

Throwing Money Away

8. When you’re TRYING to rush down Grafton Street but there’s a massive crowd encircling a busker

Its Not Fair

9. When your hand’s out for the bus but it keeps on driving

But surely there’s still room for little old me?

Waiting On Bus

10. When you’re at the head of the queue and you realise your Leap Card has no money left on it

This Is Awkward

11. When the queue for Boojum is out the door

“But I want a burrito nowwwww“.

The Lord Is Testing Me

12. When you’re crushed in a Luas moshpit and you’ve gotta get out at the next stop

You’ve never known pressure quite like this.

Japanese Subway

13. Going to a house viewing and finding there’s a queue

“Well this should be fun“, you think to yourself in your most sarcastic tone of mental voice.

14. And finally, when you discover how much your rent is going to be

Horried Farley

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