The 10 Most Ridiculously Meaty Dishes In Dublin Right Now

By seank

October 31, 2018 at 1:03pm


If there are any vegans in the audience, avert your eyes now — we're pretty sure there's nothing for you in this particular list.

The rest of you will know that sometimes, just sometimes, you get that primal urge to go to town on a plate loaded with meat.

This is perfectly natural and nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, we encourage it!

And you know what goes beautifully with a hearty helping of meat? Why, an ice-cold glass of beer of course! Wash down these dishes with a pint of the newly released lager Archway, which boasts a clear golden body and an early hop aroma with light pear and malt sweetness.

So get in touch with your inner cavemen ASAP at one of the following Dublin restaurants.

1. The Chili Dog — The Chili Shack

These guys may not know how we spell the word "chilli" in Ireland, but they certainly know the way to a carnivore's heart.

Here you can find mouthwatering dishes like hot dogs, chilli bowls, durty burgers, loaded fries, chicken wings and more.

You'll find The Chili Shack on Prussia Street.

2. Wagyu Ribeye — Featherblade

This place specialises in beef and you can expect some of the best burgers and steak in town.

Awaiting you are house smoked burgers, beef dripping chips and marinated hanger steak served with sauces of whiskey peppercorn, bearnaise, or herb garlic & chilli.

You'll find Featherblade on Dawson Street.


3. Three Meat Combo — Pitt Bros

These guys have taken their cue from the pitt masters of the Deep South, dishing up low 'n' slow cooked meat.

Their menu is chockablock with brisket, pork, chicken and sausage. Even their sides have been flavoured with meaty flavours — like their unreal bone marrow mash.

You'll find Pitt Bros at Georges Street and Millennium Walkway.

4. Bone-In Rib Eye — Shanahan's On The Green

You come to this Georgian townhouse for a proper steak dinner of Angus beef.

There's a wide variety of fillet-y goodness on offer, but there's also gorgeous offerings like crisp pork shank & cracklings and free range Irish chicken with truffled pommee pureé. It's very pricey, but meat connoisseurs will adore it.

You'll find Shanahan's at St Stephen’s Green.

5. Bacon Cheeseburger — Wowburger

There's a lot to be said for a simple, yet wonderfully made, burger.

Their unpretentious menu includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers and chilli fries.

You'll find Wowburger at Wellington Quay, Wicklow Street and The Triangle in Ranelagh.


6. Côte De Boeuf for two — The Butcher's Grill

This spot is perfectly named, as it's ideal for a meaty blow out.

Their delectable evening menu includes a whole range of steaks, ribs and sides like mashed potato with bone marrow butter and black eyed beans with smoked bacon. Drool.

You'll find The Butcher's Grill on Main Street, Ranelagh.

7. Build your own dish — Mongolian BBQ

Get your protein fix while enjoying a slightly different dining experience.

You peruse the restaurant's options of meat, seafood, veg or tofu, as well as their herbs, spices and sauces, combine them to make a concoction to your liking, before handing it to a pro who'll whip it up before your eyes.

You'll find Mongolian BBQ at Anglesea Street, Temple Bar.

8. Bulgogi Dup-Bap — Arisu

Come here if you'd like to explore the BBQ options of Korea.

The menu boasts such delicacies as bulgogi dup-bap (beef marinated in soy sauce served with veg and rice), kimchi & pork jjigae, and dol-sot bibim bap (beef marinated in soy sauce with rice, mushrooms, kimchi, radish, carrots and courgettes topped with a raw egg and flaked seaweed).


You'll find Arisu at Capel Street.

9. Rib Eye On The Bone — FX Buckley's

These guys have butcher shops around the city and some of the best steakhouses going — so it's fair to say they know their meat.

The standard is high in all of their outlets, but their cosy pub down by the Phoenix Park is perhaps the best setting to tuck into one of their meaty feeds.

You'll find FX Buckley's full list of locations here.

10. MMW Sharing Board — My Meat Wagon

If you truly love your meat, My Meat Wagon is your Promised Land.

Meat is served in box or platter form here, containing choices of beef, pork, chicken or a mixture.

If you're feeling especially bold and there's a few of you, go for the MMW Sharing Board, which comes with pulled pork, brisket, beef rib, pork belly, sausage, chicken & baby back ribs served with all of their homemade sides. It's all amazing as it sounds.

You'll find My Meat Wagon at Smithfield Market Square.