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20th Dec 2016

Never Mind Prince Charles – This Sexy Royal Beast Is In Dublin, Baby


Ireland seems to be full of royals at the moment – and the latest to pull into the bay is Queen Mary 2, which moored just off the coast at Dún Laoghaire today after arriving overnight from Cork.

Robin sent us some pictures below, captured from his gorgeous office (check his live came here), and it’s great to think that 3,000 visitors will be pouring into the streets of Dublin spending time and money in the capital.


What does she look like inside?

Queen Mary 2 Quick Facts

This is one of the most incredible cruise ships ever built, carrying 3,000 passengers all over the world in the lap of luxury. Here are some facts about the great vessel…

  • She has a top speed of 30 Knots (56kmph);
  • Her facilities include 15 restaurants and bars, five swimming pools, a casino, a ballroom, a theatre, and the first planetarium at sea. There are also kennels and a nursery on board, if you’re travelling with little friends;
  • 3,000 craftsmen spent around 8,000,000 working hours on the ship;
  • Construction was completed on schedule, and Cunard – the company who built Lusitania and the Titanic’s famous rescue ship the Carpathia – took delivery in Southampton on 26 December 2003. On 8 January 2004, the liner was launched by her namesake’s granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II.