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14th Dec 2019

New pub off Camden Street offers cocktails inspired by Irish slang terms

Darragh Murphy

The Crafty Fox off Camden Street

Be careful when saying “C’mere till I tell ya” in this new pub just off Camden Street.

That’s because the popular Dublin saying doubles as a cocktail order in The Crafty Fox, the latest addition to Camden Street nightlife.

The Crafty Fox opened earlier this week on Camden Row and it’s sure to be popular over the festive season as it offers customers the perfect venue for a quiet pint or a night on the cocktails.

Interestingly, the cocktails in The Crafy Fox are inspired by Irish slang so you can order an Aul Fella or an Away With The Fairies. Also on the cocktail menu are Me Aul Flower, C’Mere Till I Tell Ya and the Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The Crafty Fox, which opens from 12 noon to 12 midnight seven days a week, boasts a cosy snug and a small outdoor backyard, as well as The Potting Garden, which features a direct entrance to Opium’s Botanical Garden

Bar manager Brian Kennedy said: “The Crafty Fox is a modern interpretation of a great old Irish pub your grandparents would have enjoyed a pint in. Inspired by the fox, we approach all things in the pub with charm and ingenuity. Everything from the drinks menu to the photos on the wall have been carefully chosen with craft, quality and nod to the old Irish snug in mind.”

He continued: “We want the pub to be a space where people can relax and enjoy a drink in the depths of winter in a cosy snug. In the summer our floor to ceiling windows will provide a cool hideaway off Camden Street.”

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