Next Weekend's Metropolis Festival Will Feature This Spectacular Flaming Stage

"Its towering spire fires 30 foot flames into the air as a barrage of light and visuals shoot out across the crowd"


This month's inaugural Metropolis Festival just got even better.

On top of its incredible musical line-up, the festival has also announced that it'll boast a breathtaking art installation courtesy of Arcadia Spectacular.

The group are world renowned for fusing sculpture, architecture, theatre, circus, robotics, engineering, lightning, music and cutting edge technology together to create some of the most visually exciting stages today (their Glastonbury stages have a rep for stealing the show).

The creation which they've brought to this month's festival is called The Afterburner (which also appeared at Ultra Miami 2015), an interactive stage built from recycled materials, it's designed to create an immersive arena.

Arcadia Spectacular described the stage,

The Afterburner is designed to transport a 4000 person strong dance floor to another reality. With a DJ booth at the core of the structure, its towering spire fires 30 foot flames into the air as a barrage of light and visuals shoot out across the crowd in channelled synchronisation.

Take a look at it below.


In musical terms, the festival looks incredible, with the likes of Hot Chip, Mark Ronson, CHIC feat Nile Rodgers and Le Galaxie just a few of acts to look forward to. Click here to see the full line-up.

Metropolis Festival takes place November 7 and 8. Weekend tickets for the event are €145.50 while day tickets are €79.50. You can find them here.

For a taste of what's in store, check out the Afterburner Stage below.

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