No Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You - It's Snowing In Dublin Right Now

Nothing like a bitta snow in spring...

Dublin Snow  St Patrick 2 By Folleinvasato D33Xxey

Dublin experienced a bit of snowfall last night as we slept, and it looks like it is set to continue throughout the course of the day. Sadly it's quite wet out there, so it doesn't look like the snow will be sticking anytime soon...

Snow in east Ulster and Leinster this morning will turn to rain later but there will be accumulations in the morning on hills and mountains, and short lived accumulations at lower levels too. Elsewhere it will be mostly cloudy but mainly dry and this afternoon will be mostly dry everywhere with just isolated showers. Temperatures this afternoon will be between 6 and 8 degrees and winds will be moderate to fresh northerly.

Met Éireann website

Meanwhile, Dubliners on Twitter are avidly tweeting about #snow...

Stay safe out there this morning, pals!

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