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17th Aug 2017

One Of Dublin’s Best Restaurants Is Now Available On Deliveroo

Alana Laverty

Deliveroo is already the death of us. 

We use it wayyyy too much, especially since they’ve free delivery on some restaurants for the month of August.

And their latest addition means empty bank accounts will now be the norm. 

Hang Dai is officially available from the food-delivery service so that you can enjoy fancier and tastier takeaways, without even leaving your gaff. 

Read about Hang Dai here: 

Delivery menu options include:

  • Pork dumplings 
  • Their famous super special noodles
  • Ma Po tofu with pork mince 
  • 1/2 duck
  • Full duck 
  • Truffle fried rice 
  • Sweet ‘n’ sour monkfish
  • Duck yuk sung
  • Wine and beer also available 

A whole duck, in three courses, delivered right to our front door? We never thought we’d see the day. 

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