One Of Dublin's Busiest Cycle Routes Has Been Turned Into A Bus Lane

Has your commute been affected by the change?

Cycle Lane

One of Dublin's busiest routes for commuter cyclists has been turned into a bus lane.

Dublin City Council decided to widen the bicycle lane to accommodate buses on Portbello's South Richmond Street in an effort to speed up buses.

Bike users who travelled on the route were disappointed with the move, with Rathmines having the highest modal share of cycling commuters in Dublin (at 12.25%, according to the the 2011 Census).

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said of the decision,

A review of the road segment was carried out and recommended the swapping of cycle lanes and bus lanes over that segment. The northbound cycle track was replaced by a northbound cycle lane, while the southbound bus lane was replaced with a southbound cycle lane [...] The changes have resulted in significant improvement in travel times in the area.

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