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20th Dec 2016

One Of Dublin’s Most Beautiful Old Shop Fronts Has Suddenly Disappeared


It may not be glamorous, and it may not even be particularly clean – but there’s no denying that Conway’s on Thomas Street is one of the most eerily beautiful sights in all of the city.

Or, rather, it was.

Because according to the update below from Eye on Dublin – a must-follow account on Twitter if you’re into this kind of thing, by the way – it’s been boarded up and obscured from view.

The question is: for how long?

There’s speculation on Twitter that the facade has merely been “boxed in” amid redevelopment works in the area.

We can only hope – because as you can see from this Dublin Ghost Signs pic – the original is a thing of classic (if rugged) beauty.

Meanwhile, this pic from Hannah Hauxwell’s delightful blog would actually transport you back to a Dublin of the past.


Here’s hoping it makes a return – and better still, that something cool and creative will be done with it.