Paddy Power Has Just Placed A 'Cousin-Shifting Booth' In Front Of Copper's For The Weekend

Because who doesn't want a bit of privacy when shifting one's cousin?


So Paddy Power have just placed a 'cousin-shifting booth' in front of Copper Face Jacks ahead of the big weekend of GAA.

Check out what the bookmaker said on Twitter below:

Of course, Paddy Power is no stranger to outrageous stunts of this sort, having caused some offence in recent times with an immigrant ad, superimposing Roy Keane's face onto Braveheart poster (although, that really only offended Roy Keane), and who can forget the 'Tiocfaidh Ár Lá' billboard that did the rounds before the Marriage Equality referendum?


We certainly can't

The sad thing is though, you just know the booth outside Copper's is gonna see some action this weekend...

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