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30th May 2017

Penneys Has Released A ‘Tanning Water’ And We Are Very Intrigued

Alana Laverty

So many questions, so little time. 

Our initial thoughts when we heard about this ‘tanning water’ were that it must be a water, that you drink, that makes you tanned. 

Naturally, we were a bit horrified. 

Like WTF could possibly be in it? Carotene?

But no – upon further inspection this is a topical ‘water’ spray. 

According to the wonderful Penneys Hun, “I was a little sceptical when I picked this up last week. Afraid for my life that I would turn out orange but if you follow the instructions carefully you can’t go wrong – really happy with the colour that developed, a natural bronzed glow!”

If it has the Penneys Hun stamp of approval then it’s good enough for us!

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