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15th Aug 2019

A Petition Has Been Set Up To Save Subset’s Horse Boy Mural

Alan Fisher

A petition has been set up to save Subset’s Horse Boy mural.

The street art in Dublin is what makes the city come alive. Without it, we would have boring grey walls and a very dull city.

We’ve already seen the likes of the Stormzy mural in Smithfield being taken down and next up could be Subset’s Horse Boy mural, which has gained iconic status since its creation.

It comes after Dublin City Council ruled that it needs planning permission to stay in place. This means that An Bord Pleanála will now rule on whether or not it will remain.

From previous situations like this, it looks like the mural will have to be taken down.

Subset has now set up a petition to combat this and you can sign it here.

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