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19th Feb 2020

This photographer’s insane edits will make you look at Dublin differently

Brian Dillon

Photographer's insane edits will make you look at Dublin differently

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This Dublin photographer is here to make you look at Dublin differently. Because his edits are insane.

In the age of Instagram, when we’re treated to more content than we could possibly need, it can be easy to simply scroll through your feed and not even notice what you’re scrolling past. But if you come across this, I guarantee you that you’ll stop to examine it.

From a gumball machine on the Great South Wall Walk to someone walking on a tightrope between the two Poolbeg Towers, these images are pretty eye-catching.

This one really got us. You could literally stop and stare at it for so long. And it begs the question, if you had the opportunity to walk from one Poolbeg Tower to the other on a tightrope, would you?

I’m not going to lie, this made my legs feel like jelly.

That is just a sample of some of the slick and thought-provoking content that Raw Dublin, AKA Freddy, creates and posts on his Instagram account.

Check out this simply gorgeous sunset shot over the Liffey.

I have to admit, when we first saw this shot, we thought it was real. At least we wanted it to be. Imagine getting this view every time you fly back into Dublin.

Also, this shot of Dublin looking like the Arctic is some seriously imaginative stuff. If this doesn’t make you look at Dublin differently, we don’t know what will.

Speaking of things that are imaginative and creative, this ‘Ha’Penny Hands’ shot can simply not be overlooked.

Honestly, we could stare at this for hours.

To check out more of Raw Dublin’s slick creations as well as his stunning shots that’ll make you look at Dublin differently, you can follow him on Instagram.

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Feature image via Raw Dublin on Instagram.