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20th Dec 2016

PHOTOS: Ireland kick France’s froggy arse and here’s how the lads are celebrating


Holy fucking shit, we did it! Usually I’m giving out to Niall for cursing but tonight, we just don’t care for formalities. What an amazing win that was, almost puked a few times myself. Those last two minutes were probably the most tense 2 minutes of most rugby fans’ lives. Third time beating France in Paris since World War bloody 2!

Christers, as you can tell, we’re not quite recovered yet. Of course we’ll all be out celebrating tonight, big shtyle, but what about the lads in Paris?

Here’s an exclusive inside peak at how the lads have been celebrating thus far, cheers Jamie.

Now to go wipe the post Bod’s speech tears and GET SHITEFACED.

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photo 1-2