PIC: This Baby Gorilla Is The Newest Addition To Dublin Zoo

Here's another reason to visit...

Gorilla Lena Main Pic

As if you weren't in a good enough mood this sunny Monday, now we have a picture of an adorable baby gorilla to cheer you up even more.

Zookeepers have estimated the baby weighs about 1.8kg, but its gender is still unknown as Lena has refused to let the baby go yet.

The newborn western lowland gorilla is the child of Lena, a 32-year-old resident of the zoo.

Helen Clarke-Bennett, leader of the team caring for the gorillas, told UTV.ie,

She will continue to cradle the baby in her arms non-stop for the next two to three months.

When she does eventually let the toddler out of her arms to explore, the youngster won’t go far because Lena will not allow the baby go more than an arm’s length away.

Take a look at the baby gorilla in her mother's arms below.

Anybody up for a trip to the zoo?

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