PIC: This Dublin Café Has Received Backlash For Serving Fish And Chips In A Shopping Basket

Notions or not?

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Avid Twitter users will probably be pretty familiar with the 'We Want Plates' account, which has a whopping 110,000 followers.

It's a simple premise really - generally customers want their grub on a plate instead of a board, a slate, a shopping trolley, or perhaps a boot.

Last night, The White Moose Café announced a new addition to their evening menu, and the Facebook post received a lot of flak in the comments below. 

The general consensus was that the meal should be served on a plate, instead of in a shopping basket on a wooden board.

The White Moose Café replied in the comments, calling some of their customers "big whinge bag(s)" before posting a new status:

So, what do you guys think - should the dish be served on a plate? Or, do people just need to stop complaining?

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