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04th Aug 2017

PIC: This Dublin Gal Is Creating The Nightclub In Dublin That We Need


Life as a 20-something in Dublin seems to be getting increasingly more difficult.

From sky-high rent to never actually being able to own a house (curse you, avocado toast), things just aren’t going our way.

Luckily for us, someone has created just the thing that we need.

Danielle on Twitter has imagined the perfect nightclub for us struggling semi-adults, including free entry and “pop bangers of the early 00s and 2010s).

If this sounds too good to be true, then think again.

Danielle has assured me that the nightclub is in fact going ahead, and they are currently on a venue hunt. 

Watch this space for the nightclub of your dreams. 

You can follow the club’s progress here. 

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