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12th Nov 2020

PICS: Dublin had a pretty spectacular sunrise this morning

Sarah Finnan


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This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride but if there’s one takeaway to bring with us from 2020 it’s to appreciate the small things. Time with family, live music, creamy pints – all things we miss and have vowed never to take for granted again. While some (*most) of those things are still not feasible under current restrictions though, we’ve all had to turn to other sources for our daily dose of gratitude and sometimes it’s as simple as a really good sunrise.

Usually, I’m more of a sunset lover but that’s only because I can at least guarantee that I’ll be awake for it. Every now and then though a morning rolls around that makes being up early worth the faff and today is one of those days, my friends, as Dublin was treated to a pretty spectacular sunrise this morning.

Only manage to catch the tail end of it? Fear not, your fellow Dubliners have you covered and thankfully there was many a pic taken to commemorate the moment. Below are some of our faves.

To paraphrase Bono and the gang, ’tis surely a beautiful day.

Header image via Instagram/Maria Heather 

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