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17th Mar 2020

PICS: Paddy’s Day in Temple Bar 2019 v 2020 is quite the contrast

James Fenton

Some people may have forgotten that today is St. Patrick’s Day given that pretty much all festivities have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The decision to close all the pubs obviously means that the crowds descending on the city centre aren’t as large as they would usually be. However, one look at the Earth Cam located in Temple Bar shows us that there’s still a steady stream of people pottering about in Dublin’s main tourist area.

Of course, it’s nothing compared to previous years, with the below picture depicting how busy the same area was on March 17 2019…

The two pictures are clearly taken at different times of the day but anyone who has ever been in town on Paddy’s Day will know that it’s usually heaving from about 11am.

Given the unusual circumstances, people have had to come up with alternative ways to celebrate our national holiday. Folks around the country certainly haven’t let us down in that respect, as you can see here.

To have a look for yourself at low-key scenes in Temple Bar, you can check out the Earth Cam in the area by following this link.