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13th May 2017

PICS: This Huge TV Star Has Been Spotted Having The Craic In Dublin

Alana Laverty

Season six of Arrow has been giving us life these past few weeks. 

So when we heard a certain superhero was wandering around Dublin, we kinda lost our shit. 

Stephen Amell, AKA The Green Arrow, also known for appearances in the likes of New Girl, 90210, Private Practice and more, attended the Bohemian V Rovers game in Dalymount Park yesterday evening. 

And he made some friends along the way…

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My buddy Drew took me to a European Football match for my birthday. Bohemian FC vs The Shamrock Rovers. Never been to one before… on our way into an incredibly old stadium called Dalymount Park – literally between houses on a residential street – a frightening man stood atop a police barricade and shouted: “Get the (expletive) out of here!!!” So I backed up… because… maybe I was going through the wrong entrance. There were police EVERYWHERE. The scary man shouted again: “Get the (expletive) out of here……….. It’s the ((expletive) Arrow!!!! What the (double expletive) are you doing here?!?!?!?!” The slightly less scary man then turned to a Police Officer who smiled (slightly) at this display and said: “You (expletive) know it!!! YOU KNOW IT!!!” So the non-scary man, now named Sean, and I snapped a pic. “If I make it inside I WILL see you, and we’ll have a pint.” And at halftime, there he was. He’s a huge fan of Arrow. He didn’t even know my first name… but his cousin Kirsten did and I sent her a video. Sean brought us to the “Lads” section of Bohemian FC and showed us a tremendous time. Then he brought us to the Back Page where we interrupted Kirsten’s date to say hello. I love Ireland. Thanks Sean. And thanks Kirsten. Your hypothetical boyfriend handled things beautifully.

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What we would give to catch a glimpse of him today…

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