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20th Dec 2016

PICS: This Is The Weirdest Sleeping Arrangement We Have Ever Seen For Rent In Dublin

Alana Laverty

*Warning: this ad is not for the claustrophobes amongst us.*

We have seen a lot of bizarre, weird and borderline illegal living arrangements advertised online throughout the years. 

But this?

This tops them ALL

Step right up, step right up. These ‘sleeping pods’ are available to rent for €190 per week, per person in Clarinda Park West, Dun Laoghaire. 

All aboard the spaceship folks, here we go:

Screen Shot 2016 12 19 At 16 17 41


What on earth?

The ad on reads: 

“For the first time now available to rent in Ireland. Japanese-style sleeping pods as seen in forward-thinking organisations such as Google, Facebook, etc. Pods are a new form of short to medium term accommodation, (one person per pod), and may not be suitable for those who prefer a bed. You have your own USB ports, reading lights, plug sockets, fan, smoke alarm, fold away bed table for laptop, etc. This is your own individual sleeping pod, affording much more privacy than traditional beds (or bunk-beds). Foreigners and people from abroad are very welcome, aswell as locals. 

Bills are shared. Unlike the majority of places, you do not have to sign up for a year – this is a flexible, monthly lease. Just give one month’s notice when you wish to leave. This flexibility is reflected in the price and facilities.

These pods are the genuine article from Mr Sleeping Pod .com – with CE and BS British Standards, and fire-tested to the highest standards.”

Wait a second… “May not be suitable for those who prefer a bed”?! Who doesn’t prefer a bed? What is there to prefer over a bed?! 

So. Many. Questions.

Surely spending long periods of time in pods like these would give anyone claustrophobia?

Ah yes, nothing quite like crawling into an LED-lit pod after a long day in the office. Home sweet home. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 19 At 16 38 17


We understand that places like Japan are overpopulated, that there’s shortages of accommodation, and for some this could be a luxury, but in Dublin?! 

Is this really necessary?

Screen Shot 2016 12 19 At 16 40 04


While the house is all business in the front:

Screen Shot 2016 12 19 At 16 27 23

There is most certainly a party going on in the back. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 19 At 16 22 10
Screen Shot 2016 12 19 At 16 22 16


Some people might be thrilled with this idea, but for €190 we would prefer a normal, open bed. 

These pods are from – which must be seen to be believed. 

Props to @bitnch on Twitter for this find – the find of the century. 

See the full listing here

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