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PICS: This Is What €1,325 Per Month In Rent Will Get You In Dublin Right Now

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One thousand, three hundred and twenty five euros. 

For some that is more than what they earn in an entire month. 

So to spend that much on one month’s rent seems absolutely absurd. Especially for this kind of apartment. 

This one bed, one bath apartment in Dargle House, IFSC, Dublin 1 is available to rent for €1,325 per month. 

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Described as a “well-located first floor third floor furnished apartment”, we are unsure as to what floor the apartment is actually on. 

Which is kind of important seeing as it sits right on the Luas Red line at IFSC, so noise would need to be taken into consideration. 

But, sure, look. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 12 At 15 57 49
Screen Shot 2017 02 12 At 15 57 43
Screen Shot 2017 02 12 At 15 48 02

Agreed, it’s a cool location – IFSC couldn’t be closer to town. But the apartment itself is far from anything special. 

It terrifies me to think that somebody might actually pay that much for such mediocrity. 

Sure, you could do it up, make it your own, but at the end of the day that is SO much money and you could probably find a lot better elsewhere for a fraction of the price. 

Think of the kind of holiday you could get for the same price as one month’s rent! 

Ibiza over IFSC any day of the week if you ask me. 

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If you are actually interested in renting this place then click here, and to get your head checked click here

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