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20th Dec 2016

PICS: This New Cafe Will Be Opening In Grand Canal Dock Next Week And Their Cakes Look DIVINE


If you skipped breakfast this morning, you’re probably better off looking away right about now.

Annie’s is a brand new café, run by Irish chef Annie dePiero, and located at 10 Grand Canal Street Upper (just after the turn for Barrow Street and before you reach Beggar’s Bush). 

Like most cafés they serve teas, coffees, breakfast, lunch and sandwiches, but it’s their sweet treats that initially caught our eye…

They also do pretty mean sambos, like the Prime Rib and a humungous Reuben.

And as to when they’re opening? 

It was officially meant to be today, but they will open in the coming days instead. Keep an eye on their Twitter to stay in the know.

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