Pictures Of Proposed Huge New Development For Dublin's Silicon Docks


The docks are fast becoming the most desirable places for people to work in the capital. Google, Facebook and many start ups have their offices down there which has helped coin the groan inducing term of "The Silicon Docks". With 10,000s of people working in the area you'd wonder where they could fit more people but the answer comes today with the unveiling of a new development that will house offices, 42 stylish apartments and space for 2,300 workers. In the ultimate irony it is NAMA who are financing it (weren't they just meant to be a bad bank?) and they are seeking planning permission.

Those in the know will recognise this as the old Boland's Mills which were used during the 1916 Rising as a place to launch attacks from. If approved today construction will start next summer. Looks like the perfect place for Google to expand into and maybe eventually own the whole street!


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Niall Harbison

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