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17th Oct 2018

Plans For The New College Green Pedestrian Plaza Have Been Refused

James Fenton

Dublin City Council’s plans to transform College Green into a pedestrian plaza have been refused by An Bórd Pleanála, the Irish Independent reports.

It looked for a time that the face of Dublin City Centre would change forever but it appears that things are going to stay the same, for now at least. The permission has been refused due to traffic concerns and the impact moving traffic from Dame Street would have on bus services.

Another issue was how footpaths on the quays would cope with pedestrian capacity if re-routed bus routes bring extra services to the banks of the Liffey.

An Bórd Pleanála said:

“The proposed development would give rise to significant adverse impacts on pedestrians and on bus transport within the city centre and would, therefore, be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.”

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