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Plans To Turn Top Floor Of Iconic Dublin Building Into A Viewing Platform

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The central bank on Dame Street is one of the most iconic buildings in Dublin city centre and we don’t say that in terms of beauty of looks. It stands out like a sore thumb. 

With the building under new ownership and the central bank moved down to the Quays plans are underway for it’s transformation. 

This morning it has been revealed that under consideration is a viewing platform at the very top that would have sweeping views across the entire city. 

According to 98FM, the plans will be pitched to city councillors in the coming days and include a cafe and restaurant on the top floor which would be a sure fire hit with tourists. 

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Along with the inside of the building it is expected a general tidy up of the area including removing some of the fencing and making the area less start and accessible. 

All sounds like this is going to make the city better because at the moment it is a bit of an eye sore right in the heart of the time where tourists spend most of their time.

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