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20th Dec 2016

Play That Funky Music! Here Are Five Unmissable Gigs Taking Place This Weekend


So September creeps definitively to a conclusion, October’s shorter nights make a claim on your life and all of a sudden the concept of hitting up the great outdoors mid-week is surrendered to supermarket queues and Netflix.

Fear not, for this is why weekends and live music exist and indeed are so often paired together. Being the buzzing spot for concerts it is, Dublin has a dainty assortment of sweet gigs over the next few days.

This week we’ve got awesome, rousing local Gospel on show, bands competing for pride and dough, cutting-edge London electronic maestros gettin’ low, and, wouldn’t you know, a lovely bitta techno… So have a gander at our choice picks from the bunch!

Hard Working Class Heroes (Various Locations; Friday and Saturday)

This multi-location event – comprising of The Academy Main Room and Green Room, The Grand Social, The Workman’s Club, The Mercantile, Bad Bobs and Hangar – is a delicious treat wrapped in a big, shiny bow for anyone interested in up and coming homegrown live acts.

All in all this showcase festival and conference for new music and digital trends encompasses over 100 bands playing across 7 venues in Dublin city centre, as well as a rake of great talks. Having taken place since 2003, the festival has grown to become one of the most talked about music events of the year.

Take a peek at the schedule here.

€20 per night


Dublin Gospel Choir @ Vicar Street

One of the most inspiring acts to emerge from Ireland in recent times, the Dublin Gospel Choir have been active for no less than twenty years! Indeed, this special gig has been organised to commemorate that impressive milestone.

In case you’ve been living under the Rock of Cashel with beeswax in your ears, the Dublin Gospel Choir have become quite the festival act, playing myriad stages around the globe and have collaborated with the likes of Stevie Wonder, OutKast and Ennio Morricone, to name but a few.

Clap your hands and rejoice for this Vicar Street gig is guaranteed to be whopper.


The Malibu Club: 2nd Birthday @ Grand Social

Two years in the game and many a memorable night under their belt, this disco-house night provides some of mighty sets and a great vibe for under a tenner.

With the marvellously talented DJ Deece on board as a guest DJ for the night. After years of stewarding top quality tunes in various locations around town, rumour has it his soul is composed of at least 98% groove by now; it’s safe to say you’re in steady hands here.

Need another reason to hit this one up? The boyos will be contributing a euro from every entry to help Medicins Sans Frontieres in their important work dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe.


TRADE & Sunil Sharpe @ District 8

Two acts familiar with the dance floors of Dub-a-lin town, there’s a reason why these guys are regularly booked for big nights and a reason why they end up in gig guides wherever they go.

Local techno savant, Sunil Sharpe, has steadily been making a name for himself both at home and abroad with energetic, upbeat tunes. For a taster of his sound and an opportunity to be utterly confused by a video for the next six minutes, hit play on his “Christy” vid below.

Blawan and Surgeon combine to make the DJ duo TRADE. Blawan has an arsenal of killer tunes at his disposal, with “Gettin’ Me Down” an easy contender for one of the classic techno tunes of the decade so far.

Teaming up with Surgeon is an inspired choice – two sides of the same artistic coin, this is a beautiful pairing of hotshot on the come up and seminal producer who’s been making killabeats since the mid 90s.

It’s an awesome line up for everyone interested in the heavier side of electronic music.



2 Bears @ District 8

This London duo, comprising of Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) & Raf Rundell have created quite the storm since joining heads and sharing decks back in 2009.

With a sound that deftly combines all the best parts of 2-step, house, hip-hop and soul, these dudes bring a wealth of musical know-how and the presence of seasoned performers to stages everywhere they go.

Their live Hidden Agenda gig last year was an absolute belter and there’s absolutely no reason to think this Saturday’s gig would be any different.