POLL: Is It Unreasonable To Expect Better Service From Restaurants?

Two articles on Lovin Dublin have got you talking in recent weeks – now it's time to see what you really think


You might have noticed that there's been a bit of to-and-fro within the Lovin Dublin community over the past week.

It all started with Aidan Coughlan's article about eight habits that restaurants need to cut out in order to vastly improve the customer experience – and was followed up by a response from Kim Cody, an ex-waitress, explaining how these changes are far more easier said than done.

But what do you think? Is it enough to rule out changes because service staff already work too hard – perhaps instead putting the onus on the industry to hire more in order to maintain a level of customer service that people are happy with – or should it be a case of customers sucking it up and being happy with what they've got?

Let us know what you think...