"Shocking" Pro-Life Letter Sent To Dublin Schoolgirl "By Error"

The letter arrived to the 16-year-old's Dublin home and requested finances to fund a pro-life campaign.

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The Irish Independent is reporting that a 16-year-old schoolgirl was left "red-faced" after she received pro-life material in the post.

The letter arrived to the girl's Dublin home and requested finances to fund a campaign by a pro-life group. 

The girl's mother told the publication that the letter was six pages and contained "propaganda" material about the Eighth Amendment. 

The letter states that if it is repealed: "abortion 'clinics' will pop up all over Ireland, in Dublin... Dundalk... Waterford... Cork... Limerick... and Galway. They will be an ugly blight on our towns and cities, a constant reminder of the normalisation of killing."

The girl's mother said that she was "horrified" and that her daughter was left "mortified" and "shocked" by the letter.  

"It was a six-page letter with a standing order mandate included and a pre-paid return envelope. [The letter] goes into some extreme details."

One finance option included in the letter said that if you could send "€50 right now", the campaigners asked you to make it "€75 instead."

"Think of what you can give up to send €75 instead of €50, and ask yourself is that sacrifice not worth it."

The group's Director said that it was not their policy or practice to contact under-age students for money of any campaign and that "this was an unfortunate and exceptional error" that "should not happen again"

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