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16th Sep 2021

Pubs and nightclubs are coming back and they could stay open as late as 6am

Katy Thornton

Dublin nightlife is on the verge of returning with a bang!

For the past 18 months bars and restaurants have been shutting up shop at 11:30pm due to government guidelines. Cabinet met yesterday to launch a report of the night-time economy taskforce, with the serious consideration that nightclubs and bars remain open much later than pre-COVID times. Catherine Martin, Minister for Arts, believes the opportunity should be there to open late.

According to The Irish Times “The Government on Wednesday approved plans to draft a new sale of alcohol Bill, which would repeal and replace much of the existing legislation covering the trade.”

Catherine Martin said that Dublin had the capacity to be like Berlin or New York when it comes to late nightlife. This change won’t just focus on alcohol related events; the late night opening hours could even apply to the likes of museums and art galleries.

Button Factory is due to host a trial event with 60% capacity and antigen testing soon.

While it will take time to implement these changes, we are super excited by the prospect.

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