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28th Apr 2018

This Controversial Event Has Been Banned By Dublin City Council

Darragh Berry

It’s something that you’re going to be hearing a lot more about since it’s less than a month away.

The referendum around the Eighth Amendment is going to be a talking point all over the country but one place where it won’t be talked on the big stage like it was supposed to is the International Literature Festival in Dublin.

Journalist and writer, Una Mullally was due to host an event at the Festival about her upcoming book titled ‘Repeal on the 8th – The Anthology’ which was released in April.

She said that she was “very disappointed to report that Dublin City Council have intervened to cancel an event on my anthology at the International Literature Festival Dublin” and took to Twitter to release an official statement.

In the statement she said that she had only been informed about the cancellation of her event recently and said that her feelings were bigger than just disappointment.

She questioned why art and and culture reflecting women’s rights was being shut down and said that it was a ludicrous situation that writers can’t speak about a book and their writings at a literature festival. 

Mullally reaffirmed that she had no problem with “this excellent festival” and pleaded with Dublin City Council to reverse the decision. 

The festival is due to take place between the 19-27 of May.

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